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Careers at MONTE

MONTE Restaurant Development Group understands the value of adding professionally trained and educated employees to the corporation. We seek highly motivated managers, chefs, and front and back of house staffs who are truly dedicated to the fast-paced and demanding restaurant industry.

We Are Fortunate To Attract The Industry's Best And Brightest Talent, And We Give Them The Training And Professional Guidance In Order To Tend To Our Guests With The Utmost Ability And Knowledge. Respect And Support Of Our Employees Is Evident In Everything We Do; As A Result, We Reflect A Degree Of Staff Loyalty That Is A Rarity.

Management Positions

Direct all inquiries to our corporate office:
MONTE Restaurant Development Group
1919 West St. Suite 202 Annapolis, MD 21401
410.421.9555 office
410.421.9556 fax
Or Email your resume to: info@monterdg.com.

Restaurant Staff Positions

Please apply in person at the location at which you wish to work during the day before 4:30 pm, weekdays only. Please be mindful of our busy lunch hours. To apply now fill out our online application TEXT APPLICATION | VIDEO APPLICATION.