A little bit about us..... the culmination of culinary refinement and restaurant entrepreneurship . . .



The common thread uniting all MONTE establishments is an emphasis on excellent food, superior service, and genuine value throughout the dining experience. Wonderful food at a wonderfully fair price. We believe that each meal serves us with the opportunity to take our guests to a new level. A place of relaxation, comfort and unsurpassed taste.




Our Philosophy

At each of the MONTE Restaurants we strive to exceed the guest's expectations on every plate, at every table, with each meal and to do it time after time.


The philosophy to achieve the goal is simple. To fill every position with people who have a passion for the restaurant industry, to provide each and every one of them with an enjoyable work environment, and to teach them core values to guide their interactions with each guest and each other. By making this philosophy the foundation of our everyday culture, we believe we will experience continued success.

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